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TradingView Project - Analysis and Charts
TradingView, an online charting service and social network for traders and investors, was created in 2011 on the basis of an online platform for technical analysis.

The project was launched as an alternative for the existing desktop products related to the technical analysis of different assets - very complex and expensive in their operation trading and analytical terminals. The specialists of the company initially planned to create a free and publicly available service for a wide audience with further monetization. Less than two years later, the startup was noticed, secured cooperation with CME and Microsoft, and attracted serious investments.
Today the platform is available in six languages, has hundreds of thousands of users in 175 countries (mostly in the U.S.), the free version of the service has limited functionality.
TradingView Platform Technologies
TradingView charts and technical analysis
At the first action on the graph, the user feels the thoughtfulness of every detail and the surgical precision of the functions.

The client part of the powerful service is implemented on the most modern HTML5 web standard, which provides excellent flexibility and scaling of charts in horizontal and vertical dimensions. The platform has a huge number of templates (including those for rare shapes) and makes it really easy to install them on a chart.

All the charts are "live": the data is transmitted to the platform by accredited liquidity providers who have direct access to the flow of exchange prices on international exchanges (quotes for currencies, stocks, indices, etc.).

It is possible to conduct analysis even before registration - it is enough to enter a specific asset.
Features of Tradingview.com platform
The user is welcomed on the platform by a polite "guide" - a semi-transparent window that introduces the basic functions of the chart step by step:

The first window contains a link to the knowledge base - unfortunately, the English-language one.

For the trader it is possible to:

selection of the chart display type according to the specific task;
selecting a symbol and setting up the time frame of the current chart (any intervals, including non-standard);
adding an additional instrument to the chart (for example, for pair trading);
addition of indicators and creation of indicator sets in the form of templates;
Creation of customized notifications - instant messages about market events with the specified conditions, frequency, validity period and way of message delivery;
possibility to create up to 8 charts in one browser tab and link them according to the instrument name or interval; possibility to synchronize all the charts;
more than 100 smart drawing tools;
flexible setting of price scale.
Traders with programming skills can almost endlessly expand functionality using their own scripts in the built-in Pine language.
Which Tradingview tariff should I choose?
As intended by the creators, the service can be used completely free of charge. In free of charge mode, you can test trading strategies, use all asset charts, built-in technical indicators, indicator templates and Pine script language, get real-time news, use economic calendar data, publish private ideas and study the community members' tehanalysis, practice demo trading (by choosing a broker for that first), write notes and much more.

Nevertheless, the free profile is limited in its functionality, and for the expansion of opportunities are offered by tariff plans.

All paid accounts double the amount of data on the charts and remove limitations on the number of

server-side alerts;
indicators on the chart;
saved charts;
calculations of the indicator on another indicator.
From PRO account there are no ads that annoy free users, the screen is updated automatically, several charts can be opened simultaneously, improved watch lists, additional intraday charts and so on; PRO and PREMIUM traders receive more data, and the data is updated much faster.

PREMIUM account holder additionally gets priority support by email and dedicated phone support.

Comparison of all plans is available in the appropriate section of the site. The PRO+ plan, according to the traders' reviews, is the optimal one. It, by the way, is kindly offered free of charge, but in fact it requires a conditional payment of $0.01, so that one cannot do without a confirmation of solvency.

Thus, we can reasonably argue that Tradingview is a powerful service for technical analysis, which is also remarkably functional and easy to use, so it is interesting to experts and traders on different markets. In addition, the service allows the exchange of trading ideas with great convenience.
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